EasyInput - Logon Language

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EasyInput - Logon Language

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When using EasyInput one can force the logon language by placing the ISO LANGUAGE CODE in the Language cell on the EI_Logon worksheet (e.g. EN, DE, PL, FR, ...).
In modern unicode systems the codepage of the SAP system can be set by the system automatically on the basis of the language. There is an exception however, when the SAP system has the codepage different than standard 1100 and when the password/ username contains codepage specyfic characters not existing in standard 1100: ISO-Latin-1 character set. Then the error: RFC conversion failure, Error while converting a parameter to the correct data type occurs.
In such situation in order to log in to the SAP system the user needs to add SAP CODEPAGE setting on the EI_Logon worksheet.

SAP codepage documentation:
See also SAP Note Number: 1236565 - NW RFC SDK: Logging on with non-ISO-Latin-1 user or password

SAP System Codepage examples (ASCII):
· 1100: ISO-Latin-1 (standard for US/ Western Europe)
· 1401: ISO-Latin-2 (e.g. for Poland)
· 1500: ISO-Latin-5/Cyrillic
· 1600: ISO-Latin-3
· 1610: ISO-Latin-9/Turkish (also alternative for French)
· 1700: ISO-Latin-7/Greek
· 1800: ISO-Latin-8/Hebrew
· 1900: ISO-Latin-4/Lithuanian/Latvian
· 8000: Japanese
· 8300: Traditional Chinese
· 8400: Simplified Chinese
· 8500: Korean
· 8600: Thai
· 8700: ISO-Latin-6/Arabic
See the document above (page 24 for the full list).

ISO Language codes:
SR Serbian
ZH Chinese
TH Thai
KO Korean
RO Romanian
SL Slovenian
HR Croatian
MS Malaysian
UK Ukrainian
ET Estonian
AR Arabic
HE Hebrew
CS Czech
DE German
EN English
FR French
EL Greek
HU Hungarian
IT Italian
JA Japanese
DA Danish
PL Polish
ZF Chinese trad.
NL Dutch
NO Norwegian
PT Portuguese
SK Slovakian
RU Russian
ES Spanish
TR Turkish
FI Finnish
SV Swedish
BG Bulgarian
LT Lithuanian
LV Latvian
AF Afrikaans
IS Icelandic
CA Catalan
SH Serbian (Latin)
ID Indonesian

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