EI release notes - 4.XX

Release notes by EasyInput version.
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EI release notes - 4.XX

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EI 4.01 B1001- 2020-10-25
- added functionality to merge header and line items in OData reporting
- improved data clear button (possibility to set delete whole rows - before only ranges could be deleted)
- minor help/ functionality improvements

EI 4.00 B1004- 2020-09-23
- improved GS script recording by changing text = && to text = "&&" that helps to process strings with spaces at ends

EI 4.00 B1004- 2020-09-09
- option to export/import settings to XML file
- option to put settings and/ or license file in installation direcotry (next to setup.exe). These files will be automatically used while installing/ updating EI file (easier deployment)
- option to distinguish execute only and full EI licenses to limit the possibility to create scripts only to administrators
- option to change via settings, the default template folder (e.g. to network folder accessible from all workstations)
- fixed error introduced with 4.0 with mass table read not passing all values
- other minor improvements

EI 4.00 B1003 - 2020-08-11 Released
- more system licenses possible (up to 12)
- product ID changed to EASYINP4X
- other minor improvements

EI 4.00 beta - 2020-06-18
- SAP OData service script added (for reading and writing, especially for S/4 HANA systems)
- list separator adjusted to regional settings
- quicker data checking and mass data reading (block excel transfer)
- possibility to download data, that is read from SAP, to a separate worksheet (not to EI_Data)
- user change integrated with password changing
- many other minor improvements